The Shift To Solar Water Pumps

QLD Farms and Industries from the agriculture and energy industries use mechanical pumps for the following applications:

Domestic – Stock water – Irrigation – Municipal Water Supplies

What is a Solar Water Pump?

Solar water pumps use the principle of photovoltaic technology.

This converts the sunlight that is collected by the solar panels into electricity.

This is then used as energy to pump water.

Learn more about the different types of solar water pumps in our next blog.

But for now, let us continue to learn the different reasons why the shift to solar water pumps.

Queensland Producers Shifting To Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are a better choice for many QLD farms and industries for the following reasons:



Since solar water pumps are using energy from solar panels, there is zero fuel cost in operating them.

This is the main advantage of these pumps over fossil fuel pumps that constantly require buying of fuel to run.

All the energy from the solar panel comes from the sun, which is, by the way, FREE. Therefore, switching to solar water pumps lowers input costs.

You can have a return on your investment in as little as 3 years when compared to conventional systems.



Solar water pumps in most circumstances are controlled automatically through various methods and don’t require turning on and off or refueling.

Solar pumps require minimal to no maintenance.

The results are, fewer water runs, labor inputs and wear and tear on vehicles.

Once installed you just turn on the solar water pump and you’re good to go.



When compared with conventional water pumps, solar water pumps rarely require maintenance because they have fewer moving parts.

The chance of deterioration, servicing and maintenance is minimal.

You only need to ensure that the solar panels are cleaned periodically, and the system is functionally checked depending on your application.



With solar water pumps, you can say goodbye to:

  • Power bills
  • Power interruptions
  • Brown outs
  • Fuel bills
  • Engine servicing
  • Costly moving parts


These make it easier to use, especially in remote areas where electric supply is scarce and sometime unreliable.