Maintenance and Repairs

Water Bore & Pump Maintenance

Queensland Ground Water Solutions specialise in not only drilling your new bore, but repairing and maintaining your pre-existing bores and bore pumps.

Water Bore Repairs

Many bores can be repaired.

Water bores can be redeveloped or maintained to ensure your property home or business has a safe and sustainable source of freshwater.

Our skilled technicians who are licenced drillers, can legally and competently repair, cleanout or make changes to your existing bore to improve the yield and quality of the water.

From deepening, fishing and object retrieval to the treatment of iron or bacteria.

We have the latest technology in downhole cameras we can provide high-definition video in 360-degree vision is required to determine the best course of action to rectify any problems.

Contact us and we can identify any challenges you have and give advice on the best solutions to your bore issues.

Water Pump Repairs

Our skilled technicians can competently repair your existing pump to improve the yield or  quantity of water.

If your pump is past its used by date, we can recommend & supply a suitable or improved replacement.


24/7 emergency call-out service

Got a Water Emergency?

We have a 24/7 emergency call-out service should you find you have a water emergency, should we not be able to get your pump going.

We can supply loan pumps to get you out of trouble until nonstock parts arrive or we can arrange water cartage to ensure we do not leave you dry.

Water Emergency?

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