Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps for Water Systems in Toowoomba, Stanthorpe, Warwick and Dalby

If you need to get water through ground pumping then submersible pumps are the best solution.

It is designed to pump water, even through the top of the roof, which makes it ideal even in places with scarcity of water. You just need to ensure that your location has an underground source where water can be extracted.

About Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps is a popular pump amongst many homeowners and agricultural land owners in Toowoomba, Dalby, Stanthorpe and Warwick.

Submersible pumps use a centrifugal water pump that rotates and pushes water outwards.

It is commonly found in places with reservoirs of water to suck water away from it.

Submersible pumps are commonly used for:

  • Drainage in floods
  • Emptying ponds
  • Sewerage pumping
  • Groundwater pumping and irrigation systems
  • Mining, oil wells, and offshore drilling
  • Slurry pumping and firefighting

Selecting a Submersible Pump

How do you select the right bore water submersible pump for your application needs?

When choosing submersible pumps, price should not be your only concern.

You need to know the right specification to ensure your bore water submersible pump will fit into it.

Look closely at the following factors:

  • Model
  • Flow Rate
  • Head Equipment

Aside from knowing your desired specifications, you should also consider if it is a warranty protected product; as well as the installation cost that goes with it.

You need to ensure in the cost of buying a submersible pump, that it will last a long time.

Why choose QLD Groundwater Solutions for your bore water submersible pump needs?

QLD Groundwater Solutions ensure that you get the right model based on your specification.

We have been in the industry for nearly 20 years and have designed, drilled, installed, supplied and serviced hundreds of units for various industries and applications.

We keep our clients satisfied by looking at all the variables before recommending a pump for your water bore.

Afterall, we know that not all water bores are the same and each of these have their own unique requirements.

Do you need help finding the right pump for your water bore in Dalby, Stanthorpe, Warwick and Toowoomba?

Sitting on a Reservoir of Water?

Is your agricultural land is sitting on a reservoir of water?

Need a reliable pump to suck the water out to go into your tank?

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