Pre-purchase Inspection Services

Over the past few months, we have been called to look at bores.

No less than 6 new property owners have completed their purchase on the assumption that the bores on the property were good to go.

This assumption was made on the recommendations of the selling agents and sellers, whom we don’t believe we’re being intentionally misleading.

Misinformed would be more to the point.

inspection services

In these six most recent cases 3 new owners had to drill new bores to replace the old, failed bores, one required a clean-out and redevelopment and two required new pumping systems to be installed.

In four of these cases, the bores were for the supply of the house and garden in a domestic setting and two of these were the only source of water except for rainwater tanks.

The other two were rural commercial properties one being an irrigation property and the other being an intensive grazing operation.

In all of these cases, this cost came as an unwelcome surprise to the new landowner and certainly left some buyer remorse regarding the transaction especially when the ability to factor in the additional cost of the water infrastructure repairs was removed from the transaction.

If you are selling or purchasing a property, we as licensed drillers and water infrastructure experts can efficiently assess the condition of the assets and give a comprehensive report focused on the key areas of the infrastructure.

Areas we assess and report on are:

  • Verify to see if the bore is registered and the construction is in accordance with the relevant standards. (It is not the end of the world if it is not, and we can work through this with the customer)
  • Condition of borehole including the casing, construction details, grout seal condition and other environmental factors such as vegetation, water courses and sources of contamination.
  • Yield/drawdown/pump test if the bore is equipped or unequipped, either way, we can perform these tests to verify the productivity of the borehole and the implied reliability of the borehole to hold up to long-term consistent use.
  • Quality of water including sand and sediment, bacteria and general water quality based on field testing equipment. We can take lab samples and process these through a partnering NATA accredited laboratory if the customer requests.
  • Inspection of the pumping, distribution, and water storage facilities. Depending on the results of the initial inspection we may or may not recommend the removal of the pumping equipment from the borehole.


All our initial inspections are inexpensive and non-invasive and depending on if we find any outlying issues, we can then make recommendations on what is required to investigate further or remedy if necessary.

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a small rural lifestyle property or a large grazing aggregation.

If you are unsure of the condition of the water assets verify the condition prior to signing on the dotted line and we can help potentially save you 10’s thousands of dollars